The stages of painting:

  1. Surface preparation for painting is carried out using the following equipment:

– Through-pass blast cleaning installation GTV Blast VL25/15, equipped with 12 turbines. Surface preparation to Sa 2.5; Sa 3

– pressure type abrasive plant DSG-200, allows to clean structures of complex configuration to the extent of Sa 21/2, perform a light abrasive blast cleaning of the surface (swiping);

  1. Application of anti-corrosion materials:- painting and drying chamber AQUA TRUCKER (ATIS);

    Graco painting machines. Allowing high-quality, uniform, quick application of thick-layer, mastic paints and varnishes;

    Optimal climatic conditions are maintained and monitored during operation.

    A log of climatic conditions and a log of anti-corrosion work are kept daily.

    Quality control of the applied paint and varnish coating is carried out by specialists, a level 2 inspector for VIC paint and varnish coatings, using control measuring instruments that have appropriate calibration.

    We work with leading paint and varnish manufacturers.

The application will be processed as soon as possible, and our
specialist will contact you.

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