Receiving steel drawings and estimating the price of the Purchase Order


You can find out the price of steel structures for your Project by sending us steel drawings for evaluation. This can be done via the application form for calculation of the cost at the bottom of the page or by phone in the Contacts section.


After studying your Project, we will estimate the cost of steel structures,  the Order fulfillment period, and send you a Quotation.

  • Studying your Project, we aim to offer you the best solution. For example, an advanced anticorrosive protection system or an optimal solution for metal rolling based on the experience of similar projects.
  • The price of steel structures will not change during Order fulfillment.
  • We advise actual fabrication time and are always ready to discuss the delivery schedule, convenient for the Client.


The application will be processed as soon as possible, and our
specialist will contact you.

    Download your file: