Novopolotsk Plant of Technological Steel Structures was thoroughly preparing for participation in the reconstruction of the bridge

The new article in the newspaper “Polotskiy Vestnik” has such a good headline. Oksana Shuyskaya, Editor of the Department of Economics, spoke about how the debut of the production of metal structures for the bridge over the Western Dvina River for Novopolotsk Plant of Technological Steel Structures is developing.

Polotsk industrialists, in particular, Novopolotsk Plant of Technological Steel Structures JLLC, contribute to the reconstruction of the bridge across the Western Dvina on Yubileinaya Street, the progress of which is closely watched by Polotsk residents, along with designers, bridge builders, road workers.

To participate in the implementation of this significant project for Polotsk, the company was preparing in advance. We discussed the possibilities of prospective cooperation with OJSC Mostostroy, invited specialists from the Moscow LLC Inspection for Quality Control of Manufacturing and Installation of Bridge Structures. “NZTM” successfully passed pre-qualification and was admitted to the manufacture of bridge structures. Based on the results of the procedure for selecting a supplier of metal structures for two lots, the plant was declared the winner. Thus, the enterprise was faced with the task of manufacturing structures of a metal 48-meter truss with a ride on the top and a temporary bridge.

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— “Participation in this project is our debut in bridge construction”, says Ivan Antonovich Svirko, First Deputy General Director – Chief Engineer of “NZTM” – “We visited a number of factories that manufacture bridge structures, including one of the leading factories, Kurganstalmost, where they shared their experience with us. In principle, we were ready to implement the project in a new direction for us.

The enterprise carried out preparation of production, developed an appropriate technological process, taking into account additional requirements for control, including incoming metal rolling, and certified the welding technology. As a result, all metal structures – in the total volume of about 580 tons – were manufactured and shipped to the customer within the agreed time frame. Some of them – the largest tonnage ones – were subcontracted by the Kurganstalmost plant.

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JLLC “NZTM” provided JSC “Mostostroy” with its areas, where the enlargement and control assembly of bridge structures is currently underway. As for the construction site of the facility itself, the truss structures of the main bridge are being installed on the left bank, and a temporary bridge is being assembled on the right bank.

–“In the course of its work, the Moscow Bridge Inspectorate monitored the quality of structures at all stages,” says Viktor Kosenok, head of the project management group. – In general, cooperation with the design organization, with bridge builders has developed fruitfully, it is pleasant to deal with real professionals who are result-oriented and are always ready to share their experience. We are grateful that the problems that have arisen were resolved promptly, and for our part also flexibly reacted to the necessary changes. Everyone works with the understanding that it is necessary to minimize the construction time of the bridge. Our specialists are also involved in the installation of the bridge to make the process more rhythmic.

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