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“Novopolotsk Plant of Technological Steel Structures” JLLC – is a manufacturing enterprise that is part of PROMSTROI group, a holding company for the design and construction of large industrial facilities.

The plant was designed focused on the energy sector, where high demands to the supplier’s qualification and product quality are made.
To meet these requirements, the company has embarked on the path of innovative development and modern technologies.

Enterprise history
“Novopolotsk Plant of Technological Steel Structures” JLLC was founded. The development of the plant is connected with the implementation of an investment project for the reconstruction of the former combine of rural housing construction and the creation of metal structures plant based on it.
The beginning of reconstruction of the main production building. In the period from 2012 to 2014 done a grandiose work and created a completely new production.
The beginning of production activities, the release of the first products.
Novopolotsk plant of technological steel structures was recognized as the winner of the Republican professional competition "Best construction product of the year “in the category”Best construction technology of the year".
Victory in the Republican professional competition "Best construction product of the year”in the category" Best integrated system, technical solution in construction”.
Produced 20,000-thousandth ton of metal structures. The company won the national competition "Entrepreneur of the year" in the category " Stable success»
The 2nd stage of reconstruction is being implemented - the introduction of technology for the production of welded grating. As a result of this project, Belarus will create the first production of innovative products - welded grating.

With the base of the plant has created 400 jobs, made more than 25 thousand tons of metal structures, implemented and operates a quality management system STB ISO 9001, EN received a certificate entitling to supply structures in the European Union.

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There are new goals and heights ahead, and the key to success is a sincere passion of the management and team for their work, a desire to create and keep up with the times.

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