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“Novopolotsk Plant of Technological Steel Structures” JLLC is a modern manufacturing enterprise for the design and manufacture of metal structures for the construction of large industrial facilities.

The plant was established targeting the energy industry with its high demands for the supplier’s qualification and product quality.
To meet these requirements, the company has embarked on the path of innovative development and state-of-the-art technologies.

JLLC “NZTM” is a resident of the free economic zone “Vitebsk”. This special business environment provides for privileges to the investment project implementation.

Enterprise history
Foundation of Novopolotsk Plant of Technological Steel Structures. The establishment of the plant was due to the implementation of the investment project for the renovation of the former rural house-building factory with the creation of steel structures manufacture on its basis
The beginning of the renovation of the main production building. A tremendous amount of work was done during the period from 2012 to 2014 and an entirely new production was created
The beginning of production activities, first product release.
JLLC “Novopolotsk Plant of Technological Steel Structures” was pronounced the winner of the Republic Professional Contest “Best Construction Product of the Year” in the category “Best Construction Technology of the Year”.
Winning the Republic Professional Contest “Best Construction Product of the Year” in the category “Best Integrated System, Engineering Solution in Construction”.
The twenty thousandth ton of steel structures is released. The Company wins the National Contest “Entrepreneur of the Year” in 2019, category “Sustainable Success”
The second phase of renovation is ongoing: the introduction of technology for the production of the welded grating. As a result of this project, the first innovative production of the welded grating in Belarus will be created.

Since the foundation of the plant 400 workplaces created, more than 25 thousand tons of steel structures manufactured, a quality management system STB ISO 9001 implemented and functions, EN certificate entitling to supply structures in the European Union.

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There are new goals and tops ahead, and the key to success is the sincere dedication of the management and team to their work, a desire to create and keep up with the times.

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