Welded beams

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Welded beams

Welded steel I-beams are used to make load-bearing elements of building metal structures instead of rolled I-beams.

At the JLLC “Novopolotsk Plant of Technological Metal Structures”, the automatic welding of I-beams with simultaneous straightening is carried out using Italian equipment Corimpex BWM-TC-1500-800.

  • Min/max beam height: 200 – 1500 mm;
  • Min/max beam width: 100 – 800 mm;
  • Min/max beam length: 5000 – 12000 mm;
  • Min/max wall thickness: 8-40 mm;
  • Min/max shelf thickness: 8-50 mm.

The manufacturing is carried out in accordance with the technical specifications (TU) BY 391002250.002-2020.

Преимущества сварных двутавровых балок

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    Reducing the total mass by 10%

    Reducing the overall mass of the structure by an average of 10% due to the selection of optimal sections.

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    Design flexibility

    More space for design solutions compared to using standard rolled I-beams.

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    Ability to connect different types of steel

    The ability to connect different types of steel in a single product by using welding during production.

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    Cost-effective technology

    Cost-effective manufacturing process (beam is produced to a predefined length) results in a lower product cost.

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    Low metal consumption

    The reduced weight of the structures decreases transportation costs and simplifies installation conditions.

  • 06

    Variable section structures

    Manufacturing variable section structures with different indentations and cutouts, as well as perforated structures.

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    Safety in use and the reliability are ensured by the full ultrasonic inspection of the beam weld.

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    High strength

    Resistance to loads even at high temperatures allows the beams to be safely used as load-bearing elements.


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The application will be processed as soon as possible, and our
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